Monday, March 3, 2008


Eso es lo que hago en Lengua Inglesa II. Así maltrato la lengua del sagrado y puro imperio británico en horas en qué debería estar trabajando.

What's for you "Evil"?
Somewhere someone is lying on the floor
with his wings covered in blood.
Maybe you never expected this darkness
your soul broken in pieces
but you must believe in something

Freedom sleeps restlessly under the flower's lips
struggling to find out the purity of elements
Rain, the aftermarth of the battle
truth sings a song of too many ends
laughs in sorrow, tears in a grin.

What's going on with this cold silence?
I feel so relieved with its embrace...!
The ghost of secrets whispers me hidden revelations
I understand. No need of words, no need.

God, please, forgive me
for always keep asking
Forgive me for being myself
for being kind with my wishes.

Forgive me for being Free.

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