Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Listen the rain
craving for a better fall
I'm waiting for you
here on the ground

Wandering between these meadows
taking pictures, killing time
I ended looting your little house
because I love your garden,
your tiny garden babe
the garden of your beauty.

Listen your shouts, oh I love you
being so wonderful is not my fault
so take my hand,
run away from your duties
let's begin another life
because life is not a line
life are your dreams
to be fulfilled.

Oh I see
you prefer comfort
together with your Retarded
Don't remember our bodies engaged?
I'm sure you remember it better
than your own wedding ring
but you take a hiding
and that's ok!

Life is your freedom
I don't understand the meaning
of the word "Cage"
We are in love you see
and you remain alone
I suffer...I bleed...
I can't wait anymore
but I can't kill our love
because I need those memories
of you and me and nothing else.

Listen the rain
craving for a better fall
these drops are your tears
But I can't wait anymore
as long as my freedom remains.

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